Who is Bosmans?

We are a team of professionals

that offer a unique package for modern spaces: cleaning, selling and fitting carpets.

Although we are a young company we have years of experience in carpet services for offices, hotels, cruiseships and airlines.

All this years we tried and succeeded in responding to our clients demands with high professionalism and standards for our services.

Our Mission

We create spaces that breathe

Bosmans is not just synonym to best quality services, it is primordially a company and a brand that creates healthy spaces.

Bosmans technology in cleaning the carpets creates the perfect atmosphere where large groups of people work and live.

Our Vision

We want to create a better world

  • Through our innovations , professionalism & expertise
  • By sharing our knowledge and positive experience with other clients
  • By a healthy & respectful business environment

Our Values

Innovation in methods related to carpets
Enthusiasm when we approach new projects
Respect for our clients privacy
Commitment we keep our promises
Courage dare to keep carpet clean and hygienical in heavy
traffic spaces

Our support

A better world starts with a better future for our children.

This is why we support Romanian Children's Relief