Our clients are international clients and own thousands of square meters of carpets,

Lowering the "total cost of ownership" in contract carpet is our main goal.

Bosmans has since 1995 international experience in the procurement of contract carpets for offices, hotels, airlines and cruise lines. This experience is strongly appreciated by architects, project managers, general constructors and beneficiaries all over Europe.

Our advice of the type of carpet includes the answer on the question: "How do we maintain our carpet in the most economic and ecological way?"

By optimizing the frequency of carpet cleaning per building, per zone, per type of carpet, per traffic and per desired result, we extend the lifetime of carpet by 5 to 7 years.
Bosmans Carpet Care is the professional service that is needed for contract carpets. The cleaning method is ecofriendly and reduces the impact on the environment of the owner of the carpet.
"Save money" means that less money will go to the procurement of contract carpets.

Are you accountable for thousands of square meters of contract carpet in your company?
Save your money by talking with BOSMANS about your next project in contract carpets.